Player Development Academy

Player Development Academy

Martinez Pleasant Hill Futbol Club’s training goal is to develop our players over a 8-9 year time frame. In the background of all our training is instilling that true love of soccer.

The U-10 Academy is for our youngest players. Everyone who wishes to participate will be accepted into the academy. The atmosphere is one of fun and building confidence and self assurance on the playing field. Encouragement and a positive field experience is what our youngest players will enjoy.

The U10 Development Program

MPHFC Development Program is a skills based program administered by our professional coaches. Our curriculum is specifically designed to help players in this age group develop the skills needed to transition to our competitive teams and beyond. Some of the focus areas include:

Technical Skills (ball control): Foot skills, Dribbling, Passing, Moves, Running with and without the ball. First Touch, Using both feet.

Tactical Development: We use 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 small sided games to teach shape and positional awareness while building attacking and defending confidence. All at a very basic level and understanding for the age,

Physical Development: Practicing movements that will help with coordination on the soccer field.

Physio-Social Development: Following the philosophy of our club, we want to create life long soccer players. We use positive encouragement to teach while stressing player development and fun over game day results. The kids are on the right path to developing confidence, skills, respect for others, a love for the game, and playing without being afraid to make mistakes.