Referee News


MPHFC, and Referee Coordinator, Ken Olmsted, recognize that MPHFC cannot offer the three or four games per day that other clubs do. Our games are sometimes back to back, but most often they are one-off. To compensate for this inconvenience, MPHFC strives to pay at least as much as all other local clubs, and we strive to pay within a week – after you work a game.

Here is our most recent pay schedule :

Thank you for reffing for MPHFC!

Become a Referee!

Get Paid, Have Fun, Get Exercise! FREE Training, & Really Learn the Game! The class to become a Grade 8 referee consists of about 4 hours of on-line preparation, followed by 14 hours of classroom and on-field instruction. Some classes are a full weekend, while others start midweek in the evening and conclude on Saturday or Sunday.

California North Referee Association puts on the classes throughout Northern California. Walnut Creek Soccer Club and Heritage Soccer Club have historically each sponsored at least one class in the spring/summer every year. If you agree to ref a certain number of games for the sponsoring club, that club generally will waive the course fee and give you a starter ref kit (shorts, socks, shirt, flags, etc…) for free.

If you have any questions about reffing for MPHFC, including signing up to become a ref, please contact:

Ken Olmsted