What’s is MPHFC?

MPHFC is a youth soccer club that offers a competitive soccer program for children in the Martinez, Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas.

How do I sign my child up for MPHFC?

In order for your player to be considered for a team, he/she will need to tryout.

MPHFC conducts tryouts during regularly scheduled training sessions with teams. For information about trying out for a team, please contact our President, Anthony Rardin, at president@mphfc.com .

What experience does my child need to play for MPHFC?

Kids who play for MPHFC have played for local recreational soccer leagues, other local soccer clubs, and/or for their high school teams. There is no minimum requirement that a player should have, but it is recommended that players at least have some previous recreational soccer experience before trying out for a competitive team. Your player should know the fundamentals of soccer, have a love of the game, and have the desire to play in a competitive environment.

There seem to be several other soccer clubs in the area. What is different about MPHFC?

MPHFC’s competitive program is comparable to other local soccer club’s program. Our teams compete in the same league for games and tournaments as other local clubs, and our teams’ records speak to the exceptional coaching and training that we provide.

MPHFC also works hard to keep its registration fees as low as possible.

Where we are different is that MPHFC puts the needs of its coaches, members, and players above all else. Our goal is not to become a soccer club “giant” by fielding as many teams as possible with as many players as possible. Rather, we simply strive to provide a place where local kids can excel at the game of soccer. We believe that leadership, camaraderie and superior training are the building blocks for a winning team.