Competitive Soccer That Puts Kids First

MPHFC was Born on Sunday Mornings in Pleasant Hill.
A group of kids, most of whom knew each other from the local Rec soccer, baseball or basketball leagues, or from school, got together for “Sunday Soccer” – a few hours of free play with equipment provided by parents and coaches who kept a light eye on the proceedings. The kids who were there loved playing soccer. And because they were playing with and against their friends, they played a competitive, freewheeling style.

Pretty soon, parents and players wanted to know how they could keep this spirit going in a more competitive setting. Joining a club was one of the possibilities, but the players would be divided among existing teams. Could club soccer really put kids first?

That was the challenge that MPHFC was founded to meet. To be a club with a difference, MPHFC focuses on teams. Kids want to play with their friends. That’s why we don’t create A and B teams or move players from team to team. Our goal is to enroll teams and let them grow together. Growing together, getting better together, getting more competitive over time is what we’re all about.

Another difference built into the MPHFC DNA is that we are committed to the whole child, not just the soccer playing child. Many quality players have not turned played club soccer because they feel pressured to give up other sports and leagues, as well as other outside pursuits. We don’t believe that an eight year old should be forced to give up baseball or skip music lessons. We actively work with everyone to balance all their interests.

Finally, our commitment is to help our players go to college. Not simply to play if they are fortunate enough to make a college squad – but to go to college and take the next step in their lives. That’s why we’re also building resources to help players as young as seventh grade to start preparing their path for college.

We take soccer seriously, but we take your child more seriously. Fulfilling that vision built on Sunday mornings in Pleasant Hill is why MPHFC was founded.